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Awareness & Fundraising Guildfordians

25 June 2022

Join us in Stoke Park on Saturday 25 June between 10am and 3pm.

During the day we will have a super mixture of staff, trustees and volunteers helping us under our Headway Surrey Gazebo with information and leaflets to hand out, plus plastic brain models and things to examine. Come and feel the weight of your brain. Test your sequencing ability and information processing ability!!

To help us raise funds, we will be selling raffle tickets and drawing the raffle at the end of the day at 3pm. We will be selling delicious, yummy home made cakes. Don't miss out, cash or card accepted. 

We will also have a bucket to collect old UK and foreign coins and banknotes for recycling into funds - so if you have any at the back of a draw at home, please come and drop them in our bucket. We are also collecting for the rest of the year. See our drop-off points.

Headway Surrey wish to thank the Guildfordian's for choosing us as their charity for the Annual Guildfordian's Walking Rugby Festival.  This is an all day event with over 15 clubs competing to win, so expect it to be a lively day.  Great to watch if you haven't done so before. 

Walking rugby minimises the possibility of impact to the head and brain, and reduces the risk of concussion. Players still gain the benefit of exercise and fun, in a safer way. Headway Surrey wish to raise awareness of their services and how they can help with cognition improvement after a brain injury.  Problems may exist with memory, fatigue, decision making, information processing, emotions and behaviour. We have a range of services that might help. 

Event details

Stoke Park
Nightingale Road

10am to 3pm

Sonja Freebody
01483 455225

Rules of the Game

Walking Rugby is probably the most inclusive rugby format to be played in a Guildfordians shirt. The sport is growing rapidly in popularity across the UK and Ireland as a non-contact game open to adults of all ages, genders and abilities. Our current squad includes members from their mid-20s to mid-70s.

It’s a great form of exercise and, most importantly, lots of fun! Despite its name, walking rugby is a great cardio workout and caters for all speeds from slow and steady to as fast as you can walk keeping one foot on the ground at all times.

Walking Rugby has a simple set of rules so it’s easy to learn whether you have played rugby before or not. As it is non-contact, teams of up to seven players are usually mixed.

A tackle is made with two hands on the torso of the ball carrier who is required to pass immediately.

A turnover results when the ball is dropped or goes out of play and restarts are simply a free pass.

A try is scored when the ball carrier walks over the opposition try line.

For further information See Guildfordian's Annual Walking Rugby Festival