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Call our helpline: 01483 454433

Donations of items

Your support to help us hold several raffles every year is needed.  The money raised provides much needed funds to provide the helpline and sessions for those with brain injury.

Recycling gifts is one of the best solutions to reduce waste output and the impact on the environment, plus it helps declutter your home.

We would like donations of new items, vouchers or experiences that money can’t buy.  Perhaps you have some unwanted gifts that we could repurpose or you may be a retailer with excess stock? 

Any donation we can not use for a raffle, will be repurposed.  We often have "Gifts For Sale" tables at our other events, we can list on Ebay or place in a local auction, or use as a Christmas thank you to volunteers, or gifts for Santa to hand out at the Clients Christmas Party to those with brain injury.

So if you have a small unwanted item or a Picasso in the loft – you know where to donate it!

Raffle Tickets

Would you be able to sell raffle tickets on our behalf and/or tell people about our raffles?  We could provide you with a poster and/or a URL link?  Also, please consider sharing and reposting our social media raffle posts.  Please consider buying raffle tickets online and support us in this way.  No need to be present at the event, we set up an electronic raffle ticket page and can contact winners afterwards.  See News and Events for next raffle details, typically we have an Autumn and Christmas raffle and then a Spring/Summer raffle.

Any enquiries and donations, please contact us on 01483 454433